The Random Things I Love (To Do)

This list is from 2007, but most are still very accurate!

Sooo as I’m sitting here with one of my favorite new things, I realized I have lots of favorite new things…

*myself, not in an arrogant way, I’ve just take time lately to ‘do-me’

*a glass of sangria at bedtime…

*telling the people that matter in my life that I love them(includes but not limited to family, friends, Lola, whoever will listen that matters… life’s too short to not say it often

*pushing snooze until 8:00am (yes, I know CP time)

*Crest Whitening mouth rinse

*this new lipstick I bought while I was killing time at CVS

*analyzing my hairs ends (do I or don’t I get them clipped at the next hair apt?)

*sniffing Nuala’s new perfume, (it’s tied with my Marc Jacobs)

*clear nail polish

*dressing up just a liiiiiiitle more for work

*the brown cozy sweatsuit my dad got me at Christmas

*my blue bathrobe from Nok at Christmas ( that I think Nuala steals when I’m not home)

*wearing dresses, yes I said it, big shocker

*shamefully watching, ‘Jersey Shore’ ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’ ‘The City’

*doing a few yoga poses when I first wake up

*shamefully singing ‘Do the Heisman on that Hoe’ over and over again

*listening to my Louis Armstrong box set

*getting my eyebrows threaded at none other than ‘Threads’

*cooking!!!!! I’m about to be queen domestic up in here

*eating chocolate, but ya’ll already knew that

*household photoshoots (upcoming series, stay tuned for the Crazy Cabral antics)

*Aveda Be Curly hair cream…smells yummy and no frizzy frizz


Nuala’s Additions:

1. Bring nuala a brush, book, cd or whatever she needs while in the bathtub.

2. watch you tube videos and mimicking the “Heisman ho” dance.

3. rock her heels, and carry her moroon flats in the purse for the end of the night.

4. make BOMB lasagna!

5. Watch I love New York and laugh at the kid with the lip twitch- “either she’ll love or hate my WHITE ASS.”

6. exercise. why? just kidding.

7. ridicule nuala for not knowing what the Heisman is… damn..

8. Walk Curtis’ dog. (No matter the weather.) bless you girl.

Justin’s Additions:

-putting on chapstick for like 10 minutes (continuously)

-eating a whole box of choco-cherries in 1.5 days (cherice guilty also 😉

-m***orism-25 year old pajama pants-55 year old shirts from your dad

-random phone calls to “the network” at 3am (and relaying ambiguous messages, like smoking cigarettes in bed)

-impromptu cell phone videos and photo shoots with Justin


Ahh they know me so well…

~ by tortillacachupa on January 6, 2009.

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