Love on the Bus

I’m on my way to work yesterday, ipod on probably closed off to the world around me, listening to music and entertaining myself on my blackberry. Usually nothing phases me that early in the morning on my short ride to 16th & M, but this family, this adorable, young, incredibly loving family nearly made me weap.

The husband and wife couldn’t have been past mid thirties, they sat next to each other catching glimpses of the other as they both doted over their son who was probably about two or three and smart as a whip. He repeated people and sounds he heard and everyone on the bus smiled at him everytime he mimicked the automated ‘stop requested’ and giggled. The sound of a happy child is like hearing great music. I was in awe because the couple seemed so real, so practical, so loving. The wife got off a few stops before her husband, with son in hand she leaned in and kissed hubby good by as did their son, I melted. They walked off and daddy waved goodbye through the window and looked completely enamored.

I want this, I want what they seem to have when the time is right for me. Their amazing chemistry was admirable and it was one of those moments that I felt OTHER people noticed too. I would want to be that couple that people admire and ohhh and ahhh at….kudos to the couple on the bus.

~ by tortillacachupa on October 6, 2009.

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