If only I could download my dreams

I can’t count how many mornings I wake up and remember just enough of my dream to be utterly confused, incredibly excited, and or uber curious about what was happening in my cerebrum while I snoozed. The mind at rest can be revealing. What was that make out session under a kindergarten table with Jack Black all about? Why was Paris Hilton dancing w/ me at a party? Why was my entire family gathered in the yard reminding how much we miss and love each other on a sunny day?
My dream obsession probably began in high school. I was in AP Psychology class and studying dreams, why we have them, what they may mean, and how we can dictate our very own dreams and do a better job at remembering them when the alarm clock goes off.
Since then, I’ve tried to get in tune with my id, force myself to dream things, and try my damndest to remember what I dreamt about. My dreams have always been vivid, I can remember one as a kid, The Incredible Hulk tried to steal me out of a tent in my babysitter’s back yard. I hid in the tent with two characters from the soap opera General Hospital. I ran to zip the tent closed and he caught me, I screamed and struggled and told him if he were nice he could take a bath and wash off all the green. I put him In the tub at grams house and remember being worried about messing up her pristine white wash cloths all to give a bath to the mean grean incredible hulk. I had that dream over and over into adulthood. What the hell does it mean? Aside from the vividness of what I remember I also feel things, what the air feels like, the temperature of water, what a hug feels like. One dream, I stood on the beach with my family until a wave came and nearly washed everyone away. BUT I saved my whole fam, and could feel like cold ocean water washed over my legs as it filled the room I was standing in. What does THAT mean. Or most recently, I had a dream that I was in the J-Lo video that stars Ben Affleck, only I was J-Lo, and well someone who should not be in my sensual dreams was Ben Affleck. Cue up the boat scene when J-Lo’s face down in a scantily clad bikini on the front of the boat and Ben spanks her backside playfully. Yep that scene was my entire dream only it seemed to last forever. I had on a new bathing suit I bought, the black white and vibrant yellow were so clear in my dream, as was the boy tugging at the ‘kini ties, looking devious.

All that to say, if only I had a way to record my dreams, I could cancel my cable and my innnanet, I’d have enough entertainment to last a lifetime. Then I’d run to a shrink with the tapes and ask what the hell they mean!

~ by tortillacachupa on May 16, 2010.

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