Heading Up to Heaven

My first experience with death, started at my birth. I physically came into this world and my mother physically left, almost as if we’d crossed paths, coming and going. From then on, my recollection of funerals was quite vivid. I’m still not sure, if my dad did the right or wrong thing in exposing me to all of this at such a young age, I’d like to think the former because for the most part, I think It’s made me strong.  I remember being so young and passing by Grandpa Vasquez’ casket, then my Great Uncle Al’s, then Grandpa Cabral’s, then Uncle Charlie’s. Gleason Funeral home became all too familiar; I knew the layout perfectly, as our elders moved on to the next life. Soon, we said goodbye to Uncle Moe, Uncle Dan, Auntie Jay, Auntie Lena, Aunt Gladys, Granma Vasquez, all within a few years time. A whole generation of Greats nearly gone. With each living well past 80, we sent them home, celebrating their lives rather than their deaths.

When I think of those who have moved on, I like to think that Uncle Dan welcomed Uncle Moe up to heaven with a cigar. I saw them in their suits looking dapper, sitting outside sharing a Romeo & Julieta, laughing and looking down on all of us. I like to think my mom is having tea with Gram and all my favorite aunts. Some may think its a morbid way to see it all, maybe it is, just a tad. But knowing that those who made me, me, are in some magical place where everything is beautiful is comforting. Today I’m looking up at those looking down…with a smile.

~ by tortillacachupa on May 27, 2010.

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