Red Wine & Ice Cubes

Yep I said it. Two things that don’t belong together unless you’re making sangria… I’m trying to jog my brain for when this date took place. I believe my sophomore or junior year at Howard.

So I meet this guy, how I do not remember, nor do I remember his name, but one date was all he got. He asks where I want to go, I decide on this cute little bistro on P St. I’d been wanting to check out (I proved to be too grown for my own good). We have a seat, the tables are close but not uncomfortably so, but I did learn, close enough for people to hear whats happening at your table. We’re offered a wine list and given the rundown on that night’s specials.  I knew very little about wine at that point, nor was I old enough to legally drink , but I certainly knew the basics.

“I’ll have a glass of the pinot noir” I say…. he responds “make that two”.

I’m always a little uncomfortable when a date says ‘make that two’ unless I really know its something he actually wants, and not something he says because he’s unsure what to order.

The sommelier (yes there was one, and he later taught me much of what I know about wine a few years later) returns to the table, pours a tad, I taste, approve, and accept.  Said date takes a sip and with the sommelier still standing there making small talk, says out loud, very loud,

“Its kind of warm, can I have an ice cube”

I try to stop making small talk and unlock eyes with the sommelier who I could feel in my bones wanted to snicker with a very confused look on his face, while I wanted to crawl under the table cloth and hide, as the couple at the next table tried not to wince and snicker too. Maybe it all wouldn’t have been so bad if he didn’t scrunch his nose up and do some sort of hand motion but yeah…fail…

Dramatic I know, but I don’t do well with public embarrassment. at.all. The wine was just fine, and at room room temperature as most reds should be served. While this could have been a teachable moment, I didn’t like him enough to make it one, so I finished my pinot noir and my very yum dinner, went dutch and went home…

~ by tortillacachupa on June 16, 2010.

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