Green Lovin’ (of the environmentaly friendly sorts)

For the sake of not being crass…I changed this from Green Sex to the title above…also for the sake of any of you weirdos getting ideas that Shrek has been in my bed lately…But for real, this is a great article I found on MSN …lets remember to protect ourselves AND the environment. Don’t ask where 8 is because I don’t know!

Peace and Love
Whether you’re single and playing the field, settled down with that special someone, or someplace in between, most of us consider good, satisfying, sexy sex an important part of this complete breakfast. It might not be the first thing you think of while working towards a sustainable and graceful life on this fragile planet, but there’s a lot you can do to make your sex life greener. In the process of greening the ecological footprint of your love making, we might also open up some new doors to deeper pleasure, satisfaction, and romantic connection. (For the complete and uncensored guide, visit

Top Ten Tips

1. Sexy giving
Getting a stylish and useful gift is always a turn on. Organic massage oils, fair trade chocolate, or a bottle of biodynamic red wine are hot options. For Valentine’s, you can even get an all fair trade goodie bag for your lovie. Of course, romance and good sex know no price, and a poem from the heart, a massage, some hot role playing, or a home-cooked dinner for two can be the hottest gifts of all.

2. Bamboo in bed
If you’ve never experience bamboo bed sheets, you’re missing out. Bamboo fabric is silky and slippery (but not so slippery you’ll slide out of bed), wicks moisture, has natural antimicrobial properties, comes from a rapidly renewable resource, and is super sexy.

3. Green and sexy fun
Sexy play can be green and efficient as well. As seen on TreeHugger TV, showering together can save water (but if things get steamier, we suggest taking it to the bedroom and not leaving the shower running). In the winter time, some nice warm loving before bed can get the bedroom toasty, meaning the thermostat can be lower (see How to Green Your Heating, for more). A nice bike ride for two is a fossil-fuel-free way to get the blood flowing and can also be quite stimulating. And of course the classic candle-lit dinner is a delicious way to set the mood and save on energy bills.

4. Natural aphrodisiacs
Since days of yore, lovers have turned to natural herbs and special foods to find stimulation, endurance, and sexual health. While we can’t vouch for any of these, and all supplements should be taken with caution and/or professional advise, it is rumored that herbs like ginseng, kava kava root, damiana leaves, kelp, tribulus, ginko biloba, rhodiola rosea, and of course horny goat weed can help stoke the flames of passion–even more so if certified organic. A host of foods are also used to stimulate the sexual senses, and of course organic wine and Champaign are trusted aphrodisiacs as well.

5. Green grooming
There’s definitely something hot about going purely au natural, but most of us choose products to sexify ourselves. Using natural and organic products are going to be better for you, the environment, and whoever ends up kissing your neck. Many modern tree huggers also do one thing or another to keep their body hair in check, especially when it comes to intimate moments. Shaving and waxing can do the trick, but especially waxing can be resource intensive and also expensive in the long run. Laser and electrolysis hair removal, after a number of treatments, can be more or less permanent, which might be greener over time. The Preserve razor from Recycline has replaceable heads and an ergonomic handle made from recycled plastic (mostly Stonyfield Farms yogurt cups). But don’t stop there. The Razor Saver is a $12 device that resharpens dulled blade cartridges.

6. Go sexy, but go durable
Whether it’s lingerie or a new sex toy, things that are well made and even repairable are almost always the greener and more economical choice in the long run. High-quality sex toys tend to be pretty pricey, but will almost certainly last longer and give more pleasure. Keep this in mind when buying for yourself or for another. Also, note: inflatable sheep can easily be repaired with a bicycle patch kit if popped.

7. Eco-undiesSlinky, slippery, sexy. These are all good things when it comes to some sassy skivvies for the bedroom. Organic cotton, hemp silk, bamboo, and other renewable fibers make ultra-sexy lingerie and underwear. When browsing around, go for quality, not novelty. Buying a bedroom outfit that will be used only a couple times isn’t a great buy. Face it, unless you’re famous, nobody on Ebay is gonna buy those crotchless panties, even if you just wore them once. We suggest shelling out the extra bucks for something classy, sexy, and sustainable that can be donned when the mood is right for years to come. For something on the exotic end, check out Enamore and g=9.8. For sensible and simple, look at Buenostyle and American Apparel. For something in between, try GreenKnickers.

9. Birth control
For safer, baby-free sex, nothing beats a latex condom. Vegans looking for a latex option (though derived from trees, most latex contains a milk enzyme) can check out Glyde condoms. The jury is still out as to whether latex condoms are biodegradable and what effects additives and lubricants might have on biodegradability. Polyurethane condoms are essentially plastic and not biodegradable. Once they’ve done their job, condoms are best sent to the landfill. Flushing condoms down the toilet is definitely no good as they clog pipes, treatment plants, and rivers. So let’s face it, reduce, reuse, recycle just doesn’t apply when it comes to the rubbers. If you have a steady partner and you’ve both been tested for STDs, the pill is an option that can cut out the condom waste. Be be aware that there are rising concerns about the hormones from birth control pills ending up in waterways and having serious effects on wildlife, both from pills flushed down the toilet, and from women’s urine. Though the diaphragm isn’t talked about much these days, it is a non-disposable method of baby-prevention: no waste or little plastic wrappers. An IUD, or intrauterine devise, is a method of birth control that is inserted by a doctor into the uterus that releases either a hormone or copper, which, oddly enough, has effective spermicidal properties. For monogamous couples not interested in any (more) kids, sterilization can be an option to consider. There are other methods as well, all of which a person should discuss with a doctor if there are doubts or questions. The rhythm method is notoriously ineffective and should not be relied on, no matter how green it might seem. Of course the biggest ecological impact resulting from sex is a baby. Human population is arguably the most threatening force on Earth, and with human population expected to reach 8.3 billion by 2030, reproducing is perhaps the largest impact any of us have.

10. Meeting that special tree hugger
Nothing’s quite worse than meeting a really promising guy or girl and then realizing that he or she is an Escalade-driving, non-recycling, Earth-smusher. What are you going to do? Try to reform them? Just go out with them anyway and try to ignore their unconscious ways? Forget it. Go for the green lover. Farmers markets, Critical Mass rides, your local Green Drinks, or the Whole Foods checkout isle can be great places to meet people. A host of match-making sites (see below) can also be great venues for finding that special tree hugger to hug.

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