Real World: Martha’s Vineyard

Cue Amahd’s Back In The Day

I smell the tide going out, pizza at Giordano’s, fudge wafting out of Murdock’s, and Ice Cream at Mad Martha’s. It was summer 1996 ish and we were young, silly, and had Vineyard Boos. It was simple, uncomplicated, stress free love.  All one needed in life was a Basketball Boy & Beach. We also had a video camera, and a food pantry that doubled as our ‘confessional’ and the desire to make our own version of Real World (which I share with NO ONE).

So this particular innocent love started with looking for my cousin Leana on the corner of Circuit Ave near the Game Room (when the game room was still next to the movie theater where there’s some god aweful something else now).  All our friends were standing on the stoop in front of Ben & Bills Chocolate Emporium as we did most nights…VB we’ll call him (Vineyard Boo) said ‘I’ll walk down there with you’ and the rest is kinda history. VB walked me to find her and said ‘you should come visit me in NY, I’ll show you around’ I was giddy, and smiled. We were both leaving the island  the next day for the rest of summer, so this crush curiosity would have to continue a year later…and it did…

A year later, I found myself sitting on the Inkwell at sunset with VB, he was a charmer, he smoothed talked me for a bit and then the kiss I waited a year for happened! That was our first night on island, so these kisses continued a few more weeks.  It was young innocent puppy love really. Our days were routine,  meet up after basketball/beach, but before dinner (which is strictly family time), then again after dinner. We snuck kisses all up and down Circuit Ave, all up and through the playground after dark, on our front porch when the ‘rents were sleeping!

What I’d give to go back to these innocent days when young love meant walking up and down Circuit Ave with your friends, getting ice cream with VB at Mad Martha’s, sneaking kisses on the lifeguard chair (that’s sadly no longer there), riding bikes around the island and sitting on our porch with our loves because it was after curfue but we technically were home.

Years later I still pull out the VHS family version of Real World: Martha’s Vineyard, die of laughter and embarrassment, I re-read the love letters VB sent me between summer time fun in Oak Bluffs, and reflect on good times as a kid…Ahh to be 15 again…

~ by tortillacachupa on July 8, 2010.

One Response to “Real World: Martha’s Vineyard”

  1. Word. It was a beautiful thing. More memories to make at the inkwell ahead, cuz… 🙂

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