Oral, Jamaica, America’s Most Wanted…

Yes, they are all apart of the same story, and 10 minutes in my life which I’ll never forget.

The year was maybe 1994, our family was on vacation in Jamaica for spring break. The Cabral’s stayed at Sunquest per usual, but the Iacobos were at Charella Inn down the beach. Nuala, Leana and I were walking to meet Toni and Nick half way to play at the beach.  We meet somewhere in the middle and this Jamaican man stops us…

‘Hey Gahls, I won take ya tuh duh dance hall ta’night, My name is Oral’…he extended his skeevy hand and we all looked at each other, moderately creeped out  and said ‘We’re 13! we can’t go to a dancehall with you” and tried to make a run for it. As we quickly walked away he shouted ‘If ya change ya mind, ask someone to fine me, remembuh, my name is Oral’.

Okay, now, we giggled and said what does he mean oral, like oral sex? We didn’t tell our parents about this run in, as we thought we’d have to be watched under too careful of an eye the rest of vacation and lose all our freedom so we were mum, and managed to be safe until we landed back on US soil.

Well fast forward a few months when I’m babysitting my cousins Evan and Nia who were also on the trip but not there for the Oral meeting.  Its late, its dark, and Evan, maybe 8 at the time wanted to watch America’s Most Wanted, such a boy.  We’re all on the floor playing legos when John Walsh’s all too familiar voice said  ‘and we’re looking for a man from Negril Jamaica that goes by the nickname Oral’. I froze, I was stuck between scared and excited because I … 1) thought I was about to be a hero  2) thought I was going to get reward money for sharing what I knew about this guy. I quickly dial the 800 number and tell the operator everything I knew about ‘Oral’ which wasn’t much, she says ‘Thank you ma’am we’ll pass this info on to investigators’ and HUNG UP! What, I’m not the hero? No prize money!

It was the most anticlimactic ending to what I thought would be an exciting night after I made the call. But alas, many trips back to Negril, and years later…I still keep my eye out for Oral, and so should you.

~ by tortillacachupa on July 20, 2010.

One Response to “Oral, Jamaica, America’s Most Wanted…”

  1. “Snitches get stitchezzzzz” Oral, 2010

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