Yoga in Dupont & A.D.D.

Every Wednesday during the summer there’s a free yoga class right in the grass in Dupont Circle from 6:30-7:30. Last night I figured I’d save $20 and skip the Bikram class and just try this free one considering it was still 99 degrees outside so it’d be like fake Bikram minus 30 minutes. The problem is, I have A.D.D so yoga outside in one of the busiest neighborhoods in DC proved to be problematic. There’s too much surrounding stimulus to focus on a yoga pose, so for 60 minutes, I sloppily fudged my way through class trying not to bother Lucy, who was in fact able to pay attention.  I was more focused on the following:

*After a shirtless black man ran past our class he yelled ‘hey nigga’ at his homey across the way and I could only wonder what the 50 white women around me were thinking as they tree posed.

*As I slid into downward dog, and peered through my knees behind me, I wondered what the old man parked comfortably and perfectly centered behind me was thinking each time my ass went in the air…but then

*I remembered I was in Dupont and became more curious what the ‘woman’ to his right wearing the Nike Boots and Army shirt was thinking every time ass went in the air

*Then I wondered if someone I knew would see me in my tiny spandex shorts and tank, snap a photo unbeknown to me in some compromising position and  quickly post and tag it on facebook knowing it’d be at least an hour before I could get home and  frantically detag myself.

*Then I stopped caring and was fixated on the trees above my head and wondered if they really do eat people in the park at sundown to grow taller

* watched the birds fly above and wondered, how many times a bird flaps its wings per minute, AND how long can they soar before they have to start flapping again

*as I listened to the guitarist strumming tunes above the Dupont North metro stop, I wondered if subway stop musicians make more in NY or more in DC, because I kinda figured half of all NYers are poor struggling musicians themselves

*Stole Lucy’s bberry and took pictures

*Anytime we stretched downward, I was distracted by and picked at, the dead skin on my left babytoe, and didn’t bother with the stetch/pose at all. I was also fixated on the color contrast of my ‘slave’ feet as CL affectionately calls them, against my mint toe nail polish against my purple mat, against the green grass. For that moment, some dead summer skin on my tiniest toe and overexposedtothesunblackened feet proved more fascinating than free yoga in Dupont Circle.

Really though the deal breaker from the jump was:

Yoga Instructor: (saying something faint and we can’t hear much she says)

Lucy: whispering – ‘what did she say’?


(as I retold this part to GDGJ on the porch last night, he said ‘you made her sound retarded not deaf, as I did my impersonation)

~ by tortillacachupa on August 5, 2010.

2 Responses to “Yoga in Dupont & A.D.D.”

  1. Trying hard to be discreat- muffling the sound of my own laughter (with my face plastered against my computer screen). Tooo late… as my cube mate glances over my way ‘shaking her head’! yeah .. so where was I when all of this transpired ?! lmao….

  2. Cool story. Keep bogging. Hugs & Smiles

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