Type delete type delete: awesomely awkard chats

awkward is as awkard does. gchat, bbm, skype, aol  (if you’re a loser) whatever your chat outlet is, you KNOW when someones typing a message sometime this is great, but usually its  either a) annoys you because they’re taking too long to respond and you question their ability to type quickly in the digital age or b) gives you anxiety amidst awkward conversation as you impatiently stare at the screen and must read  ‘xyz is typing’ and ‘xyz has entered text’.  Its even worse when it says ‘xyz has entered text’ because it means they’re working hard at crafting the best response instead of speaking freely.

It makes already awkward conversation more awkard.  You ask a question  and on the other, its bad enough there’s a pause, but you see that they’re struggling to figure out a response, type type type, xyz has entered text, then nada, you wait, impatiently while they think up a better response and try again, type type type yxz is still typing, then they enter text, you wait, and finally they hit send.

*ding – After 5-7 minutes of sitting and staring impatiently, you’ve given me a one, maybe three word answer.

JESUS CHRIST. It’s bad enough folks can’t form complete sentences in this digital age, but please, chatting convo’s where facial expressions, body language, tone can’t be seen and heard can really fuck up what you meant to say. Sometimes this happens in simple things like where you’re meeting for dinner, to thinking you sent over a funny, but maybe it wasn’t all that funny to much more complicated things like the datinginDCclusterfuckery.

Anyhoo, whether you’re my homey or my homeloverfriend.  Sometimes I fuckinghatechats!

~ by tortillacachupa on January 12, 2011.

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