Julian, my tall light skinned husband

So my sleep has been off during this horrible transition of moving, life, etc. I finally almost sleep through the night…At 4am I wake up, check to see if Sophia, 6 hours ahead in Addis, is on gchat so I can tell her about her comical cameo in my romantic dream with “Julian” (I named him this based on his looks). So anyway…

In some random city, on some random day, in some other life, I was riding bikes through said city, it had beautiful cobble stone streets, hills, and bougie brown folks sitting on sidewalk tables drinking vino after work. Heaven on earth really. Soph and I clad in jean shorts, tees, and boat shoes, powered up the hills, and coasted down, laughing like school girls on a thrilling adventure as we speed down each hill. It seemed as if she was visiting because I kept telling her I’d show her places…We made a stop at the gym, then the spa and then I told her we had to meet the guy I was dating at my favorite bakery. We parked our bikes in front and got in the long line. I knew what I wanted, but Soph scoured over the menu and the perfectly decorated treats in the cases. A tall, like 6’6″ tall, light skinned man with freckles, smoothed down curls (or ‘founder hair’ as Akilah calls it, referring to all the founders of BGLOs), sunglass clad  in a perfectly tailored suit walks in, gently presses his hand in the small of my back to my surprise and says “well hello sweetheart”, apparently he was my lover because we embraced and I got all red in the face and said “Soph, this is the wonderful gentleman I’ve been telling you about”. She offers a hug and he offers her a brownie.  We stood at the counter and made a Cookie Monster like disaster while we inhaled our treats. We were sweaty and a mess from our all-day bike ride and he was prim and proper in his suit, we felt silly.

While we stood there covered in crumbs and powdered sugar, “Julian” says he has to head out for a meeting, we tell him we’re gonna head home and relax before we catch up with him for a late dinner. “It’s getting dark, you ladies shouldn’t be riding home in the dark” he says. I half scrunch my face and roll my eyes and tell him we’ll be fine. “Please, my driver is outside, he can put your bikes in the trunk and take you home”.  We walked outside and unlock our bikes and stare up the enormous hill we’d have to ride up if we decline his offer. We shake our heads in tandem and take the ride. “Julian” clicks his key fob, and the lights on a black Mercedes flash in front of the bakery. “Oh fancy” Soph says, turning to me with raised eyebrows. We schlep our bikes into trunk and get in. I seem confused by this life that is mine but isn’t mine. I’m dating this guy  “Julian” who is not my type even though I don’t have a type, and  get a sense of controlling from “Julian’s” end and I’m not feeling it. We get into the driver’s black Mercedes but there is no driver, its an automated car that moves on voice command and or GPS. In seconds, our doors close and this car with no one behind the wheel is escorting us home. We start to talk about him and the situation but zip it when we think this high tech car is probably recording our convo.

I must have looked unhappy because Sophia dug in with a list of questions. She joked that she thinks he’s amazing because he bought her a brownie at the bakery but reminded me if I’m not happy I can’t /shouldn’t stay in a relationship with him. He was so doting, and nurturing, thoughtful, and generous, but I wasn’t feeling it. Maybe because he was uber pretentious and unfun, and couldn’t take his suit off and let his ‘founder hair’ down and kick it, maybe his near demand that I not ride my bike home uphill at dusk bothered me, who knows. Maybe its just that he looked like Julian in School Daze  with the demeanor of Julian on A Different World but  that didn’t jive with me, who knows.

I woke up  confused at 4ish in the morning and hollered at Sophia in real life in hopes I could make some sense of all this weirdness in my dream that felt weird in real life. She inquired about a recent suitor  asking if he’s anything like Julian in my dream,  I say no, the complete opposite actually, he’s short, dark skinned and drives a BMW, and I’m not feeling him either” MOOOOOOP.

Le Sigh. My dreams make my brain hurt sometimes.

~ by tortillacachupa on October 31, 2011.

2 Responses to “Julian, my tall light skinned husband”


  2. You know “Julian” had me at “brownie.” Founders hair made me laugh out loud…really loud. In other news, I didn’t realize the image I developed for “Julian” was actually Julian from Different World! Thanks for helping me put that together!

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